Round 1 Preview – St John’s

The Trimester 2 season kicks off with an away game against St John’s Anglican College. Ormiston College (192 points) came second by three points to St Paul’s School (195 points) in the Champion School rankings for Trimester 2 in 2015 so should be confident against St John’s who finished seventh (119 points).

St John’s have a knack of producing some quality teams though and in 2015 their Year 9 Rugby side were Premiers and their Year 9 and Year 10 boys Tennis Teams were Runner-up Champions (the Year 9s were Runner-up to the OC side). We did not play St John’s in 2015 due to horrible conditions brought on by an unseasonal cyclone. The best form guide we can use is our results from 2014 where the Redbacks played 25 games winning 17, drawing two and losing six games.

The Netballers only lost the one game, the 9Bs in 2014. The 9As also had a narrow 27-26 victory. The students from these teams will be filling the Open Teams so these games could be close ones. Otherwise all other games were won by more than 10 goals with the biggest victory being the Year 8A game where our current Year 10 students won 48-3. So there will be some interest in the Open games as they could be the closest contests.

In 2014 the hockey program saw a 1-0 victory in the Firsts and a convincing 12-0 win in the Seconds. The Year 9 and Year 8 games were 0-0 draws. Because of Year 9 being a small cohort the Year 9 division will be replaced by a Year 9/10 division from the 2016 season. Schools can still have the option of not submitting a team without penalty and St John’s will not be fielding a Year 9/10 this season. I suspect games could be close in Round 1 against an improving St John’s sporting program.

The Rugby Teams had a surprisingly average showing against St John’s in 2014 with only wins in the Firsts (40-3) and Year 8s (47-0). The other three games played were tightly fought contests, however, the St John’s Dragons got the upper hand of the OC Seconds (3-15), Year 10s (21-24) and Year 9s (19-38). After an excellent preseason, which included the Firsts touring Melbourne and games against Muddies, the boys will be looking to start the season well.

The Boys Tennis program at OC is swelling with talent. Many students will be playing in an Internal Competition who could easily be playing TAS tennis. St John’s could prove to be very uncomfortable opponents in Round 1. While we finished higher than St John’s on the table in all teams except the Year 10s in 2015, where St Johns came second and OC third, we did not get to play them. Will Maher, playing in his fifth season of Firsts (see picture below of Will playing in Year 8), he will have a difficult opponent in the Number 1 from St John’s who he plays regularly. However, now ranked 83 in the country for Open Men and only ever losing two TAS games we will be right behind Will to lead the Boys Tennis Team in Round 1 and as Captain for the season!

Before the season begins, I want to highlight the excellent work our coordinators have been doing behind the scenes to prepare a positive culture, develop and refine skills and tactics and in communicating all things to do with their sport. So thank you to Jemma Trendler (Netball), Kris Peterman (Rugby), Stephanie Andronikos (Boys Tennis) and Ian Burgess (Hockey). Mr Peterman has been coordinating Rugby for many years and his continued involvement sets a very high standard of management and respect around the campus. Mrs Trendler, Miss Andronikos and Mr Burgess are new coordinators this year and their positive involvement has already been noticed around the traps. Mr Burgess does have some experience in coordinating hockey after doing this for more than 10 years before Miss Pangrazio took over for a couple of years and we welcome him back.

You can only ever do your best. We can only hope each Redback finishes the game with peace of mind knowing they have done their best for their team and school. All the best this weekend.

Mr Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities