Junior TAS Sport (Week 10 Term 2)

What a season Junior TAS Rugby and Netball we have had! It is very difficult to remember one being so successful, both in terms of results and of improvements made by our teams. I think the following statistics give a good indication of this.

In my opinion, what these results indicate is a great deal of improvement made by all of our teams. This doesn’t even take into account any draws, which there were plenty of in Netball. More so, this doesn’t take into account the intangibles, which are very difficult to quantify. These include; an understanding of the game; team spirit; effort given and; a willingness to learn. These are often missed within results and scores.

The overall feeling of the season was that the students were not only enjoying themselves immensely, but that they were learning a great deal from our coaches. Well done to the staff, parents and older students that helped our young Redbacks improve their skills and gameplay throughout the season. A special mention to Mr Rodney Winkleman and Mr Gary Doig, who both had a tremendously positive influence on the Year 4 and Year 6 Rugby teams respectively.

Thank you to all the parents and families that attended games throughout the season. The atmosphere created was very positive and it allowed the kids to compete to their best of their ability whilst also having the confidence in knowing that everyone at the game was there to support them. I am already looking forward to the 2017 edition of Junior TAS Rugby and Netball.


• A nail-biting 20–19 win for Year 6 Rugby. This was one of the games of the season, which caused some nervous moments for the coaching staff.
• Year 5 Red Rugby putting on another 100 point display. The running rugby and ability to link together as a team through clever passing has been the hallmark of this team.
• Year 4 Netball scoring two wins from three games. This group of new-comers to the sport have shown a great deal of improvement and it is pleasing to see them get some reward for their efforts in the final round of the season.
• Year 6 Netball finishing the season with three wins from three. Watch out TAS Netball in 2017!



In 2015 the Team of the Week concept was created to recognise students who display admirable qualities whilst representing Ormiston College. Each round there will be a Team of the Week named from our Saturday fixtures. Players can be nominated based on five different criteria which align with the ethos of Junior TAS Sport which has a focus on skill development, participation and enjoyment. These criteria include:

Sportsmanship: Shows great sportsmanship towards their opposition, teammates, coaches and referees.
Teamwork: Strives to include every member of the team. This could be through good gameplay, communication or just showing encouragement.
Redback Spirit: Tries their hardest to do their very best right throughout the game. May not score the most points or goals, but is giving their very best for the team.
Outstanding Skill: Shows great skill and ability throughout the game.
Improvement: Always listens to their coach and is therefore showing great improvement week to week.

The coaches from each team will nominate two players to be put forward for Team of the Week. All will be included in either the Rugby Team of the Week or the Netball Team of the Week. Nominations will be added up to go towards the Team of the Term which will named and recognised at the end of Term 2.

Please find the Round 7 Team of the Week below.


Mr Jay Dowdell
Head of Junior School PE & Sport



Junior TAS Sport News (Week 10 Term 2)