Girls Touch Football

Our tenacious Touch Girls were gracious in defeat after a WestMAC whitewash. The Year 7s made a strong TAS debut with several strong breaks in the opposition’s defense by Sarah Arnold and Captain, Abby Vester. Unfortunately, the Year 7s struggled to execute their offensive play against a steadfast opposition and despite their best efforts, they were defeated by WestMAC with a nine to nil loss.

On the opposite field, the Year 10 girls celebrated their first try of the season with a touchdown attributed to the crafty hands of Amy Clift. In spite of strong game play by Ally Hui, the relentless fortitude of Hannah Harrison and the consistency of MVP Emily Ellis, our Ipswich counterparts utilised a zippy winger who gave their team the upper hand on several occasions, and unfortunately defeated our girls 12-1.

The Year 8 team played a nail-biting game against tough WestMAC opposition. WestMAC scored in the first five minutes but skillful play from our Redback girls enabled Lauren Avent to cross the line and even up the score. Going into the second half, the Year 8s created good play opportunities and several breaks from MVP Eliza Barnett kept the game interesting. Unfortunately, OC struggled to break through the stoic WestMAC defense and conceded defeat after WestMAC scored the winning try in the last five minutes of the game. Thank you to Febe Van Niekirk and Ms Melanie Taylor for overseeing the coaching and training of the girls in the absence of the coach. Going into the next game, Febe suggested the girls “focus on 1, 3, 4, defense and team cohesion.”

In an evenly matched first half, the Seconds were able to implement a solid game plan but it took only a single defensive lap for WestMAC to grab the 1-0 lead at the break. A player down due to illness meant continual substitutions and players rotating positions to provide a rest. Rehearsed moves meant they looked more threatening and resulted in a good try to Caitlin Newbury off a draw and pass move. However, WestMAC’s speed was too much for the Redbacks to contain and one of the WestMAC players scored three second half touchdowns. It was a pleasing start to the season and all girls played strongly, with few mistakes.

In the Year 9 game, speed and twin telepathy from the McPhee sisters resulted in an OC touchdown in the first half. Additionally, several breaks from Kristina Van Schie and Captain, Gabrielle Jones kept the WestMAC defense working hard. Unfortunately, despite great team work from OC, WestMAC dominated the second half, ultimately defeating our Year 9 girls by eight points. It should be noted that strong defense from Alexandra Neate in the last minute prevented WestMAC a last notch on their belt. Thank you to Mr Tim Mavin for his outstanding coaching and leadership.

The Firsts squad went into their match well-prepared after a strong preseason in the Redlands Touch Competition. Yet despite the extensive groundwork, it was evident that straight off the first set WestMAC were going to give the Firsts a strong game. Consequently, the initial self-efficacy of OC turned to nervousness and hesitancy which resulted in some skill errors and lapses in concentration. WestMAC were quick to take advantage and went on to try from a scoot, inevitably taking the lead in the first half. The second half was a far more polished effort from our Redbacks, with three touchdowns scored at the skillful hands of Chantelle Winstanley, Natasha Lay and Natasha Pimley. Despite the concerted comeback, the Firsts fell short by one point, with WestMAC defeating OC 3-4. “On another day”, reflected coach, Mr Kris Peterman, the OC Girls may well have come out in front, but this is sport.”  Mr Peterman’s infinite words of wisdom reflect the sentiments of Blues supporters after losing a series. Shout out to Ruby Wolf who had a great debut, with her fitness allowing her to play long minutes during the clash. Wishing all our girls a much better result against our Canterbury counterparts in round 2.

Miss Melodie Nelson
TAS Girls Touch Football Coordinator