Round 3 Preview – St Columban’s College (Home)

Round 3 sees the St Columban’s College Eagles travel to Ormiston College. The Redbacks have started the season well with a convincing start against Redeemer and a solid round against WestMAC. We have a history of presenting well against St Columban’s in Trimester 1. In recent times our overall win/loss ratio has been favourable with 15 wins and 9 losses in 2015, in 2014 we won 17 and lost 4, in 2013 11-7 and in 2012 12-8.

The Boys Volleyball program has played 27 games since 2010 (no recorded results from 2011 could be found when writing this article) with the Redbacks winning 25 and losing only two contests. Of the 25 wins, 22 have been won in straight sets (3-0) showcasing the historical strength of our program against St Cols. The most recent loss was to the Year 7 side in 2015 so there will be some extra interest in the Year 8 game.

The Girls Basketballers can expect a tough round. Since 2010 we have played 31 games winning 13 and losing 18 games. Last year we had wins in the Firsts (41-25), Seconds (55-9) and Year 7s (16-11) and losses in Year 10 (11-56), Year 9 (23-44) and Year 8 (16-21). Out Firsts are likely to play well based on 2015 results, however, our current Year 10s, 9s and 8s have not tasted victory against St Columban’s.

Results from Girls Tennis are likely to have a significant influence on the overall result. Since 2011, 26 games have been played and the ledger sits at 13 games apiece. In 2015, two games were decided by only one point with a loss to the Seconds (3/25-3/26) and a win to the Year 10s (3/27-3/26). Two other games were close losses to the Firsts (2/23-4/27) and Year 9s (3/24-3/27). Wins in the Year 7s (6/36-0/5) and Year 8s (4/31-2/17) saved what was remaining of the fingernails. Focus and attention to detail could be a deciding factor for the girls this weekend.

The cricketers have a winning history against St Columban’s with 19 wins from 24 games played since 2011. Our First XI has been the least successful side winning 2 and losing 2 with a few washouts over the past six years. They are likely to be challenged again this year with St Columban’s winning Firsts (119-186) and Thirds in 2015 (7/80-7/88), Year 9 in 2014 (75-7/139) and Year 8 in 2013 (44-5/46). Last year we had three good wins in Intermediate 1 (5/125-65), Intermediate 2 (7/190-7/31) and Intermediate 3 (9/120-88) and in the Seconds (85-65).

Mr Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities