Tough first round for Girls Basketball

Coordinator’s reflection

Not an unexpected result. All teams faced tough games against JPC with the physicality of each game in most matches seeing a blow out of scores in the final quarter. Obviously, the cohesion of all teams will improve this week with the first round of matches out of the way. The common story across all teams was that OC teams missed the majority of their basket attempts and JPC scored from most of their attempts. Each player has to take responsibility for this situation as practicing is only remedy to rectifying this issue. Girls are encouraged to make use of the SSC on a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime to practice their lay-up and field shots. This week, all teams have to work on driving to the basket, working hard to make space around the basket and converting their opportunities. What was very evident in Year 10, Seconds and Firsts games was the ability of the JPC girls to distract our ball carriers by taking up space. Basketball is all about denying space in defence and creating space in offence. This week is a crucial round if we wish to be one of the top three schools in TAS girls’ basketball. Potentially this round of matches against CHAC will influence which schools (OC, WestMAC and CHAC) finishes third, fourth or fifth! We have to win four of the six ‘A’ matches! The Year 9A will be a thriller between two evenly matched and competitive teams. The Year 8A and Year 10s will need to be focused in all facets of their play if they are to register a win against their rivals. I wish the Year 9B team well in their first outing for the College. A record day for OC this weekend, nine basketball matches at home. A great effort girls. 

Mr Wayne Jarrett

Firsts: JPC  55  def OC 7

Always a tough game JPC were too slick; too experienced and too organised for us in our first up match. Only one and half training runs as a team, we went into the game knowing our offence would be an issue, but it showed signs of promise with Captain Sabrina Newton outstanding and strongly supported by Hannah Harrison. Our 6 debutants were very nervous before the game but got off to a strong start and continued throughout the game to limit JPC's scoring. While their 55 points looks impressive, their goal is often an 80 point score line. We ran out of legs in the third and fourth quarter, but there many promising signs. We nullified their inbound play by adjusting our defence and attempted to set a number of screens. With a distinct lack of height, the aggression and tenacity of girls was evident and Alex Molloy drew praise from new Director of Coaching, Marianne de Courtney. We will spend most of our week learning Offensive concepts and look to put up a strong home court show against CHAC.

Mr McBride

Seconds: JPC 45 def Ormiston 6

Seconds girls basketball were defeated by JPC 45-6 in a game that saw many opportunities for OC. We were competitive in the first half matching JPC for ball movement up and down the court but not capitalising on our scoring opportunities. Commencing the second half of the match with a game plan of ‘chipping away’ through solid defence and picking up our conversion rate, our hopes were dashed when JPC played a different defensive pattern and made the most of their opportunities rarely missing their basket attempts. OC did not capitalise on as many opportunities to score converting 10% of their attempts! Cailie Welch showed determination and often created opportunities but we were not able to convert as we were tentative and hesitant in the scoring zone. Overall, the girls played well in patches! We want to play JPC in the finals, so the outcome of every match from here will rely on our desire to play to the best of ability, be more proactive in defence and gel more cohesively as a team.

Emily Stone - Captain

Year 10: JPC 35 def OC 11

The first game of the season for the Year 10 girls was a challenging one. JPC has always been tough competition and this game was no exception. JPC started off strong keeping our score down to only 2 points in the first half whilst scoring many baskets themselves. It was clear to see that we were still finding our feet and still familiarising ourselves with everybody’s playing styles and strength and weaknesses. At the end of the first half, the score was 22-2 and Ormiston’s spirits were low. After a serious pep talk and new and improved game plan, Ormiston managed to keep JPC under control with a strong zone defence whilst scoring a few points for ourselves. With a final score being 35-11 to JPC, it was obvious that our second half was much better. Grace Carter played a strong game even though she was out of her usual position whilst AJ Wilson played some great defence. Overall, the girls pulled together in the second half working well as a team keeping the opposition’s score down to what could’ve easily been a runaway game. Well done girls!

Gemma Bounden – Captain

Year 9: JPC 35 def OC 10

Year 8A: JPC 62 def OC 2

The Year 8A’s first game back did not bring the desired score but was an improvement from last year and showed promise. The heat and confusion over the court lines contributed to slower play during the match. The first quarter was competitive and both teams had many attempts at goal; however JPC had more successful shots. The girls had effective passing during the quarter which enabled every player to have an opportunity to shoot, though none were successful, ending the quarter with a score of  0-18 to JPC.

The second quarter saw OC score some points in the form of free shots from Bridie and Olivia. The girls spaced themselves well in the second quarter in offense but let their defence down. At half time the score was 2-36 to JPC.

During the third quarter the heat started to take effect on both sides slowing play. The difference in skill really showed during this quarter. Sophie received a free shot in this quarter but did not make a shot with the quarter ending on a score of 2-48. The fourth quarter really showed how much of an effect the heat had on players. The difference between the teams was really highlighted when one of JPC's star players made a three pointer; the match ending with a score of 2-62.

Some things for the girls to work on in practice is our communication and our ability to get the ball into play in a timely manner that does not allow our opponents to settle their defensive play. The sore was disappointing but it was great to be back playing basketball.

Jessica Hutchinson

Year 8B: JPC 25 def OC 22

On our first round for the season, the Year 8 B team suffered a narrow defeat to the CHAC 2 25 to 23. Despite the loss, the girls played extremely well through each quarter. Playing in the SSC enabled the girls to play hard for the duration of the match. The team communicated throughout the game and continually strove for accuracy in our shooting and passing. More importantly, we listened to our coach and endeavoured to work together as a team. The girls wore their colours with pride and we will be more effective this week with our first game out of the way.

Jaymee Vo

Year 7: JPC 40 def OC 4

The 7A basketball team competed against John Paul College in the first match of the year. It was a difficult match and unfortunately, we lost 60 points to 4 points. Milly Booth worked hard in defence and she scored two points in the fourth quarter. Jodeci Penenara scored the first point of the season from the free throw line. Both players led a team, which showed great spirt and supportiveness against a strong opposition. We are looking forward to building our skills and teamwork as the season progresses.

Olivia Sullivan

Year 7B (TAS Supp): CHAC (2) 25 def OC 18

The Year 7B basketballers took to the court against JPC, full on enthusiasm and confidence. They started the quarter determined, even though they were facing a well-drilled CHAC opposition. As the first half unfolded, they showed off their newly attained defensive skills. However, they struggled with converting their shots into points, as this was their first game for many of them. Heading into the second half, OC were behind by a few points, but returned to the court full of fire and persistence. Unfortunately, CHAC also stepped up their game and combined with more height and shooting experience, the game finished with a loss, 18-25. Throughout the game, the girls refined their skills, became more familiar with the rules of basketball and learned to cooperate with their teammates more efficiently. They still have room for improvement, but they are on their way to becoming formidable opponents.

Mrs Annette McArthur