Impressive round of netball

The girls backed up a strong Round 1 with an impressive outing against Redeemer in Round 2 of the netball season. The girls finished the morning with eight wins and two losses this year – the same win/loss ratio as the 2015 installment. The two teams that lost to Redeemer last year came out with victories this year. The first two rounds have been smooth sailing for the Netball program and this coming round against St Paul’s will definitely be a step up.

The Firsts enjoyed a strong win during the Pink Day round, with a final score of 37-12. Going into the game with a good attitude and intensity, they were able to work the ball down the court and get off to a far better start than the previous round. The girls worked hard to chase balls and snatch intercepts, while continually encouraging each other throughout the first half. At half time, the Firsts had doubled Redeemer’s score, 20 points to 10. The opposition continued to provide some strong contests throughout the remainder of the game, making OC work hard to limit Redeemer’s shooting and maintain offensive possession. Many defensive intercepts, followed by these players assisting to work the ball to the other end of the court allowed many scoring opportunities for the shooters, with a combined conversion rate of 88% at the conclusion of the match. All players contributed positively to the game in some aspect and are to be credited for their hard work for the duration of the game. Special mention must go to player of the match, Ellie Ward, for her dominance in defense that caused many turnovers, as well as her excellent passing in attack. The girls look to continue developing their skills and game play over the following week before coming up against what should be a strong St Paul’s team.  

The Seconds had a commendable game against Redeemer, with the girls arriving enthusiastic and keen to put training into practice. This was quickly evident during the first quarter with Skye Tansley implementing her space and passing revision, enabling herself and Sabrina Newton to score shot after shot, bringing the total to 10-0 at quarter time. The lead may have led to slight complacency, when a few shots to Redeemer slipped past us. However, this did not hinder our eagerness to win. As a warning to Redeemer that we were nowhere near giving up, some incredible intercepts and control were shown by Freya Robertson in particular, who at one stage caught the ball on her toes at the court edge then collected herself enough to throw a decent pass resulting in a goal for us. With a half time lead of 18-4 the girls were comfortable.  However, we were ready to keep Redeemer at minimal points and to step up our game, knowing Redeemer would come out fighting. The third quarter did not see our best work, when excited, fast-paced gameplay led to a few stray balls, clumping and a higher number of turnovers than we would have liked. Regardless, the 27-5 score at three-quarter time reflected our ability to learn from our mistakes and quickly correct them. Emily Stone showed her capability to keep the ball moving, with all players eventually finding space through re-offering. With a final score of 35-10, the girls demonstrated a high level of teamwork and adaptability that, if continued, will be crucial aspects to a successful season.

OC Thirds had another incredible game, scoring 24-14 against Redeemer. The girls all had to work hard to achieve this score, with Redeemer proving to be a tough opponent in the first quarter, keeping the girls on their toes. We were able to get significantly ahead in the second quarter. Special mention must go to this week’s most valuable player, our Goal Defense/Keeper, Jasmine Mathias. Throughout the entire game she didn’t stop working hard to stop the other team from scoring and always had her arms over every ball allowing her to get some amazing intercepts! Rachael Brann played another great game this week, always driving for the ball and making herself available for her team mates to pass to. She is always willing to step up and play wherever needed, but played particularly amazingly in Centre. Vanessa Parissi also had a brilliant game – she always gives it her all no matter her position, and sticks to her player so that she can intercept any passes she can. The girls are looking forward to working as a team again next week and bringing home another win for Ormiston.

The Year 10A netball girls had a tough game against Redeemer this week although taking out a successful victory of 37-30. The first quarter the girls were warming into the game making silly mistakes throughout and were down by 6 points by third quarter, however the girls bounced back with amazing arms by Rochelle Hoey and awesome shooting, overall the girls played well. The 10B netball girls had another triumph, coming away with a win of 25-9. Although with persistent heat and a good competitor, the girls took this in their stride and battled through it. Lani Watkins showcased some amazing defense down in the ring and the attackers (Teahna Bouradas, Amy Clift, Taylah Smith, Kate Robertson) worked together well.

The Year 9A team had an amazing game winning 60-4. Everyone played really well and fought hard the whole game. There was great defense and intercepts by Emma Prince, Gabi Jones and Bianca Allen. Amazing mid court work getting the ball to the shooters by Kristina Van Schie, Maggie Greer and Daniella Cianciola. Fantastic shooting by Grace Carter, Leena Orth and Gemma Bounden. We hope we continue our winning streak for our next week’s game. The Year 9B team did not have a game this week with Redeemer not fielding a team.

The Year 8A team had another convincing win against Redeemer with a score of 54-8. All the girls maintained a strong consistent defense against their players, applying constant pressure which lead to numerous turnover balls throughout the game. After working on defense and the centre passes during training the girls have mastered their plays, and are constantly improving. They are one of the teams to watch this season. Once again the 8B girls had a stellar round versing Redeemer winning 30 points to nil. With the Redeemer girls not knowing how to play Netball this allowed for our OC girls to focus on getting our movement and passing right. As the game progressed our passes improved immensely and the girls are to be congratulated for that. With fantastic shooting from Georgia Greggs, and Sophia Rose, our awesome mid-court players, and strong defense from Katie Reeves and Sophie Bell showing why we won. The girls are improving from game to game I look forward to seeing their result at the end of the season.

The Year 7A girls came into their second game of the season with a very optimistic attitude. After the first quarter, a very confident looking Redeemer took the lead early in the game. The defenders got some good intercepts and the attackers kept leading until they received the ball. We got called for some stepping and obstruction, however, we now know the areas that we have to work on in our training sessions. Although Redeemer was ahead by a convincing margin we stayed strong and kept fighting as a team till the last whistle. In the end, Redeemer was too strong and the end score was 49-5. We are all looking forward to our next match. The Year 7B girls took to the court feeling confident from their win last week but Redeemer proved a stronger opposition than St John’s. The first quarter was competitive with very few goals being scored, 1-0. In the second quarter Redeemer came out firing, and coupled with little mistakes from the Year 7B team, Redeemer took a significant lead in the low scoring game. In the end, the Redeemer defense was too strong, we didn’t get many opportunities to shot and we ended going down 10 -3.

This week we play St Paul’s School at home.

Mrs Jemma Trendler
TAS Netball Coordinator