Boys Basketball

Last week we hit the road and travelled to Daisy Hill to take on huge rivals JPC. We didn’t anticipate the ferocity of our opponents and only managed one win in the Year 9A TAS game. But our Supp teams had another strong weekend and came away with three wins, one via forfeit in the Thirds.

The Firsts had a hard game this weekend; illness had plagued the team this week and it showed when the baskets were not sinking, ending the game 23-74.

The Seconds, despite working hard this week, went down 17-49. There was a great fighting spirit amongst the team and, despite the score line, the boys showed a lot of promise.

The Year 10 team showed true grit when they took to the court but went down 6-88. Davin Gay had some nice touches on the offensive end. The mind and spirit were willing with this team, however, JPC were too well drilled for the Redbacks.

The Year 9 team was our shining light this weekend and came back from the brink to win 34-38. The game ebbed and flowed with each team holding momentum at different stages. JPC was high on confidence heading into the final quarter at 30-27. The Redbacks were able to claw back the lead to finish four point victors, 38-34.
The Year 9 Supp team showed how strong the Year 9 cohort is, taking a win against Canterbury 52-3. Mitchell Hall was the MVP in this game. Along with Hall, Seb Winsen shot the ball well. The defence was the key to the victory in this game.

The Year 8 team went in strong and did well coming up against the ever improving JPC team, coming out with a 34-61 loss. JPC had a useful strategy which broke the team in two. With the high seeds of the game, the starting team tried to equal JPC only to find themselves not playing to the game plan that Coach Grant had mentioned on Friday’s training run.

The Year 7 team went down 5-66. The boys were willing, however, the ball handling skills of the JPC players really highlighted the standard required to be considered the Champion Basketball School. The boys are really keen on basketball and have the potential to play to JPCs standard if they commit the time required in dribbling, shooting and game-play practice.

The Year 7/8 Supp team played Canterbury at Canterbury and pulled a close win of 26-24. At one stage, the boys were down 4-14. The boys clawed back the lead thanks to accurate shooting by Nicolas Parisi, Thomas Rohm Hurford and Jack Byrne. Cameron Douglas and Lachlan Bygrave were terrific on the boards. A memorable win by the team.

Mrs Ashley Greene
TAS Boys Basketball Coordinator