TAS Round 2 Recap v JPC

The Redbacks had their best round against St Columban's in Round 1 and we came up against JPC in Round 2, which proved to be a very difficult round. JPC proved why they are a Trimester 3 powerhouse, restricting OC to just seven wins from the 24 games played.

The Redback Reporter and RedbackTV will provide a more thorough analysis of the round, however, here is a brief snapshot:

• Perspective: The boys have played JPC since 1999 and the girls since 2000. In Trimester 3, 384 games have now been played between OC and JPC with the Redbacks winning 116; 11 games have been tied and JPC has won 257 games. The success rate for the Redbacks is 32% against JPC.
• Overall round result: 7 wins, 1 draw and 15 losses. JPC had a great round against the Redbacks and this has been the least amount of wins in a round since 2011.
• Football: 1 win (Year 9), 1 draw (Year 10) and 4 losses. JPC have a successful history in TAS Football. Between the two schools, 120 games have been played with OC winning 16; 7 games have been a draw and 97 games have been lost. The current Year 9 side has never lost a game to JPC.
• Girls Volleyball: 1 win (Year 8) in an uncharacteristic round by the girls. The last time OC was kept to 1 win was back in 2003. Four of the losses were by one set in competitive affairs. JPC simply made the most during critical moments of the games. OC still has a winning record over JPC in the 101 games (71 wins, 30 losses).
• Touch Football: Equal best round ever against JPC with 4 wins (Year 7, 9, 10, Seconds), 1 draw (Seconds) and 1 loss. The last time four wins were achieved was back in 2011. In the 41 games played between OC and JPC, the Redbacks have won 21, drawn 2 and lost 17.
• Boys Basketball: 1 win (Year 9). JPC have been dominant in the TAS arena and the Year 9 win was only the eighth win from 122 games played between OC and JPC. The effort of the boys was outstanding.
• TAS Supp: Year 7/8 Touch, Year 7 Basketball and Year 9 Basketball had wins. Year 7/8 Football went down in a nail-biting 3-4 loss.

Round 3 sees the Redbacks host the fast improving Canterbury College. Canterbury played St John's this round and came away with 15 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses. In 2016, OC had 14 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses against Canterbury and 20 wins and 3 losses against St John's. It seems like Canterbury may have also improved in 2017 in Trimester 3!

All the best in your training as we lead into Round 3.

Mr Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities