Girls Basketballers confident against CHAC

Round 3: Ormiston vs CHAC

Firsts: OC 30  def CHAC 11

The second game of the season showed a more organised and confident team than the week before. With better knowledge of how to play together, we dominated early with an aggressive defence 'arrow', coming away with numerous steals. In the first quarter we had many opportunities to score, however only made 5 out of 13 attempts, finishing with a 10-2 lead at the end of the quarter. The ‘big’ on the other team started to get frustrated in the second quarter as Anika and Katelyn were strategically stealing the ball off her as she brought down rebounds. Alex played great positioning in defence on the ‘big’ keeping her from getting the ball inside the key and making her more rattled. She later took a big charge from her coming away with no call from the ref! Kirstin’s driving into the key drew fouls resulting in a number of visits to the free throw line. With great defence and communication, CHAC was finding it hard to score. We finished the half ahead 19-8. In the third quarter, we didn’t manage to score due to a slight lack of intensity, as we were all quite exhausted, however, we still played tight defence keeping CHAC to only scoring one basket. Any lose ball was dominated by Toneisha showing us how to get low. In the last quarter it was pleasing to see our offence change as CHAC settled into a zone. Leaving their three point line open, Hannah took this opportunity to start shooting outside shots to try to get CHAC moving out from their tight zone. Anneliese had a great game using her left hand to her advantage and breaking past the defence in fast break opportunities. It was a good game with the girls shooting at 40% (field goals), and showing major improvement from the week before, ending with the score of 30-11. With such improvement from just one week, the season ahead is looking very promising! We finished the game strongly, scoring 11 points in the last quarter, making Mr McBride happy by reaching his 10 point request.  Well done girls.

Sabrina Newton (Captain)

Seconds: OC 21 def CHAC 18

The second game of the season for Seconds basketball saw a huge improvement in communication and dribbling. OC came out firing in the first quarter, eager to psyche out the opposition but were down at quarter time as CHAC converted a number of baskets with 'luck' whereas OC attempts lacked the accuracy where 'luck' can assist. Mr Jarrett wanted us to work hard on our defence in the second quarter to take the element of luck out of the game. With this in mind, we stuck to our plays and had a strong second half that was dominated by our effective zone defence. With great attack from Brittany Bell and effective rebounding from our 'bigs', we were able to dominate in the third quarters. Emily Stone took responsibility for the game and led the way with three quick baskets to provide OC with a comfortable margin at the end of the third quarter. Both team played aggressive basketball in the last quarter. All OC players responded to the challenge that CHAC provided through their physical presence on the court. The girls were resolute in their defence and created more scoring opportunities than CHAC. By the end of the fourth quarter, we knew we had to control the ball and not allow CHAC any scoring opportunities. If some of our easy attempts had been successful, the margin would have been double figures. The final score of the match was a close 21-18 in OC’s favour. All girls are to be commended on a game well played. This week we will continue to work on our basic skills, particularly our “lay ups” as we are converting enough of the easy, non-pressured opportunities.

Emily Stone (Captain)

Year 10: CHAC 18 def OC 9

Although the OC Year 10 team started strong against CHAC with structured defence which limited their scoring opportunities, the half time score was 3-5 to CHAC. The tight game resumed in the third quarter with neither team able to gain the upper hand. Three quarter time saw Ormiston edging in front 7-6. The last quarter opened up with our girls panicking when in possession of the ball. CHAC was able to score freely, running out eventual winners 18-9. Our rebounding was a weak area with CHAC gaining most of the rebounds converting some into baskets of their own. CHAC also predicted our passes well with quite a few turnovers especially in the fourth quarter. However, with CHAC constantly trying to drive to the basket, OC’s strong zone defence was what kept the scoring to a minimum. Stephanie Moutafis played her position in zone very well stopping a number of attempted drives. Bianca Allen also played very well in stopping CHAC’s drives to the basket. It was a very gruelling game and OC held out well until the last quarter. Well done girls!

Gemma Bounden (Captain)

Year 9: OC 26 def CHAC 13

The Year 9 team had fantastic game against CHAC winning 26-13. OC commenced the game dominating all facets of the game. We knew that CHAC would respond to our challenge and so they did. It wasn’t long until CHAC came back strong and started to give us a tougher competition. With great drives by Caitlin Meale, and plays that we have worked on in trainings we managed to pressure their ball carriers, earn easy turnovers and covert a number of easy layups. Our hard work at trainings are really starting to pay off as each girl improves every game. Our success against CHAC was that we played together as a team and each player knew their role on the court. We need to capitalise on our hard training and our teamwork in our match against St John’s this weekend. It is important that we dictate the tempo of the game. Good luck to the girls against St John's this weekend.

Kara Stock (Captain)

Year 9B (TAS Supp): CHAC 26 def OC 6

Year 8: CHAC 34 def OC 4

One word to describe the Year 8's game against CHAC would be promising. Although we did not have a strong start to the game, there were patches where we did play well. During the first quarter, we were able to keep the score low with strong defence but were timid when attacking. We let down our defence in the second quarter allowing CHAC to gain an 18-0 advantage. The third quarter had us starting to take risks in our shooting and resulted in us gaining our first points although we let the score get away from us. In the fourth quarter, we stared to find our ‘mojo’, resulting in OC scoring another 4 points. Overall, the girls played a good match but were let down by their lack of communication and core skills.

Jessica Hutchinson

Year 8B: (TAS Supp) OC 37 def CHAC (3) 22

The Year 8 Supplementary team won their game with a score of 37 to 22 with Hannah scoring the most baskets. Abby and Nicole both scored four baskets each. The team played a tough game in trying conditions and kept focused on our game plan and structure. CHAC defensive play was strong and we had to work hard to get to the basket. We worked very hard in defence to disrupt their offensive play. We were very successful in doing this. Every member of our team worked hard when we were on the court and together we achieved success. Well done, girls.

Hannah Mendels

Year 7: CHAC 33 def OC 8

It was another difficult game for the Year 7 team who were defeated by CHAC 33-8. The girls defended very well and intercepted many passes. They applied their skills learnt during the training sessions, with Caitlin, Hannah, Jamie and Maree making brilliant shots against CHAC’s strong players. The team’s focus this week is to continue to work on passes and shots and applying these skills at the next match on Saturday.

Millie Booth

Year 7B (TAS Supp): OC 22 def CHAC (2) 6

Year 7B Basketball team started the first quarter slowly, but solid defensive play kept CHAC at bay. At half time OC was ahead 8-4 due to two quick goals from Abby Jackson and solid defence from Sophie Sherin just prior to the buzzer.

The 27 degree heat and 70% humidity was taking toll on both teams coming into the second half. Quick goals from Evie and Diya saw OC extend their lead in the second half and a late goal by Eleanor saw the OC stretch the score line to 16-6. With 4 minutes to go Diya, Isabelle and Evie dropped goals in and pushed the score to 22-6 to seal a confident win by OC. The two strongest players this week were Diya and Georgia. Both girls played strong defensive games with Diya taking many opportunities for baskets and Georgia managing to steal the ball 6 times no less. Trinity and Amber also contributed significantly to the win by sticking to their opponents and taking the ball up court with tremendous speed. Well done to all players

Evie Cordell