Isabel Courtney – Netball Tour to Europe

Isabel Courtney (Year 10) recently flew to London with Wanderers Australia to play netball.  

Wanderers are a sporting tour company from Sydney who take people from all over Australia on sporting tours. When we arrived in London we spent the first few days sightseeing, visiting places like: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The Tower of London, etc. We then had eight consecutive days of matches. After each of our matches we were fortunate enough to be billeted by the English players and their families. This allowed us to gain insight into the English culture and create new friendships with the English netball players. My team won all of our matches against various English county teams/school teams. After two weeks in England, we caught the ferry across the English Channel to France and spent three days in France seeing sights such as the Somme, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. I gained a lot out of this amazing experience, not only the netball skills but also the memories that I will never forget.