Boys volleyballers improve against St John’s

The boys volleyballers reversed the win-loss ratio of 2015 where we won two and lost four games. Our 2016 total of four victories and two losses was a pleasing outcome.

The Firsts did not have an easy win, which a 3-0 victory may appear to say. The first set was a closely fought affair and Coach Matej needed to transcend some focus and concentration to the boys. The opposition once again commented on the quality of our setter, Kurt Frampton, who sealed the game a sneak setters-spike at the net. Braiden Sherrin was in his best form with reliable serves and spikes that appear to be on a string.

The Seconds also won 3-0 in a flattering score line. On numerous occasions the mental fortitude of the team was challenged, however, in the critical moments the correct choices were made. This was pleasing to see as this is the standard expected of a team wanting to finish the season undefeated. A tall team, the boys were potent at the net and one of the tallest, Lance Ash, was able to secure the win with a deft spike down the left hand line.

The Year 10s have been pushed hard this season and been the team most challenged by the opponents. St John’s were down a player at the beginning of the game and complacency set in. St John’s on the other hand were hungry for points and were able to rattle the Redbacks. Unforced errors and serves not going in crept too often into the game. With some patience and poise the boys will be able to bridle their talents and showcase the skills Coach Mr Henville comments about behind the scenes.

The Year 9s had a no fuss victory in the heat. Mr Parsons thorough enjoys coaching this team, and it is not hard to see why. The boys love playing the game, support each other, have lots of fun and know when the knuckle down. Height is a strength in this team and the direction from their skipper, Jayden Gant-Ellison, keeps this buzzing ship sailing towards a good season.

The Year 8s had one of the closest and exciting games of the season. They went down 0-3, however, the set scores really showcase how close this game was. The first set was lost 27-29, the second set 21-25 (with the boys down 6-21 at one stage) and the final set 23-25. Close games like this really test the fortitude of a player and I am sure some lessons will be learned from this encounter.

Mr Griggs Year 7s continue on their merry way with a fourth 3-0 victory. A talented group of boys, many of which are quality tennis players (no doubt helping out their serve) the team has been mostly untroubled this season. The tail end of the season against CHAC, St Paul’s and JPC are likely provide the biggest tests for these young Redbacks.

Mr Paul Dhu
TAS Boys Volleyball Coordinator