Round 4 Recap v St Columban’s

The Redbacks performed admirably against St Columban's in the wet conditions in Round 4 of Trimester 2.

The sport reports and RedbackTV will provide more comprehensive results, however, a brief recap of our Round 4 clash against St Columban's College is provided below:

• Perspective: St Columban's are one of our oldest competitors having played them since 1996. The 497th Trimester 2 game between the two schools was played today (First XV draw) and the Redbacks have a slight winning advantage in Trimester 2 with 255 wins, 13 draws and 229 losses. OC did not played St Columban's in 2016 due to the round being a washout.
• Overall result: 12 wins, 1 draw and 10 losses. Unfortunately, there were five washouts in tennis with OC being favourites in all those games. Our best Trimester 2 result against St Columban's is 16 wins and 12 losses (2015) followed by 15 wins and 11 losses (2005). So a little bit frustrating that we could not claim our best result 22 years due to rainy weather!
• Netball: Three wins (Year 9A, Year 9B, Year 7A) and eight losses. First win in the Year 9A division since 2007. Year 9A, Year 9B and Year 7A remain undefeated. Historically, St Columban's are our toughest opponents with OC claiming a 26% success rating against them (38 wins, 1 draw and 106 losses from 145 games).
• Boys Tennis: One game played for one win (Firsts). Shame as OC were expecting six wins. Thank-you to the parents who were patient and understanding regarding the waiting and discussions around the playing conditions.
• Rugby: Outstanding round. Heading into the round, OC had 1 win and 20 losses from the previous four rounds (2012-2015). So the three wins (Years 7, 8, 9) and a draw in the First XV game showcase the quality of the Redback Running Rugby institution Mr Peterman has rolling along. The Year 8 victory chalked up OC's 500th rugby victory (from 792 games) in OC TAS Rugby history.
• Hockey: Third clean sweep of the season. The girls now have 16 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. Some tougher rounds against CHAC, JPC and Canterbury (in that order) will test the premiership chances of the girls. The Firsts have not lost to St Col's since 2004!

Our next opponent, CHAC, will be particularly tough in netball and hockey. Their rugby numbers are down with CHAC not fielding a Second XV or Year 10 side. CHAC played Canterbury today and I received a note to say they forfeited the Year 9 and 7 games too. I hope they are able to field sides this weekend.
Whoever the opponent is, keep focusing on the process of playing as opposed to the outcome of the match. That way you will be able to perform to your, and the team's, best performance.

Mr Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities