Secondary Sport Wash-up Round 5

The Redbacks enjoyed playing a spirited St Paul’s School in Round 5. Many of the games were very close, while there were some blowout wins for both schools.

The complete results can be downloaded in the Redback Reporter, however, here are some highlights:

• Overall result - 10 wins, 1 draw and 12 losses.
• Perspective - In 2016, we won 15 and lost 9.
• History/Trivia - The Year 9 girls basketball team were the first win of the day and they brought up OC's 650th win against St Paul's. Since 1996 (2000 for girls) OC has played St Paul's in 1333 games across all trimesters for 659 wins, 51 draws and 623 losses.
• Girls basketball - Wins to Seconds and Year 9. Seconds have not lost to St Paul's since 2010. Supp Comp - one win (Year 9Bs) and two losses. Overall v St Paul's - OC 63 wins, 1 draw and 34 losses since 2000.
• Boys volleyball - tough round with most games going the full measure in each set, despite what the scoreline may indicate. Firsts have not lost since 2009 and the Redbacks remain undefeated in the Year 7 comp since it was included in 2013. Firsts, Seconds, Year 8 and Year 7 won. Supp comp: Year 8B won and Year 7B lost - both games 2-1. Overall v St Paul's - 81 wins and 39 losses.
• Cricket - First XI posted 9/274. This massive total is the second highest score by an OC First XI ever (8/287 v St John's in 2016, 9/274 v St Paul's in 2017, 10/270 v Marist Rosalie in 2001, 5/261 v St Columban's in 2003, 10/261 v Marist Rosalie in 1997). St Paul's were bowled out for 51 in the 22nd over. Sam Meaney top scored with 86 and Isaac Khan made another 50. Intermediate 2 and Intermediate 3 fell short by 7 and 3 runs respectively. Seconds won and Intermediate 1 lost. Overall v St Paul's - 45 wins, 1 draw and 63 losses.
• Tennis - Two wins (Year 8 and Seconds) and four losses. Year 10 lost by just one game - too close for the nervous audience. St Paul's have been very good girls tennis for a long time. OC's best effort in one round is three wins way back in 2001. Two wins in the same round has now been achieved four times (2017, 2016, 2003, 2002). Overall v St Paul's - 16 wins, 1 draw and 66 losses.

St Paul's were a great opponent - very spirited, very competitive and very proud. As always, great sportsmanship was shown between the two schools. We have the longest history against St Paul's and St Columban's with JPC not far behind, so it is nice to see the old-ties continue.

I was very proud of the way the Redbacks went about their sport today.

This week we play Canterbury College. In 2016, we won 17 games and lost seven, however, Canterbury are currently sitting above OC in 11 of the 24 ladder positions at the moment. I suspect the students from Waterford will be keen to have a good outing against the Redbacks.

TAS Sport has updated their website and the ladders and results from all games played each weekend can be found on the website at the link here.

Mr Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities