Junior TAS Sport (Week 6 Term 2)

Round 3 of Junior TAS Rugby and Netball was a round of great success for the Redbacks, coming away with a perfect record in the three Rugby games played and only losing two Netball games out of eight. All teams are certainly trending upwards, which is largely due to the positive leadership of our coaches.

Being able to watch the training sessions of all teams throughout the past five weeks has given me a great opportunity to reflect upon leadership in sport. It’s so important that the feedback given to young athletes is positive. Yes, it must be constructive, and I believe positive feedback is much different to praise. Finding positive things that an athlete does and providing them with specific feedback is something all of our Rugby and Netball coaches have been doing very well. For me, this is why our teams are improving so much. By keeping the feedback to our young athletes positive it has fostered a willingness in them to listen and to want to learn more about the sport they are playing.

The Year 4 Netball teams continue to learn more and more each week about a game that has previously been very foreign to many of them. I believe pictures tell a better story than words and from what I can see when receiving pictures each week the girls are loving playing Junior TAS Netball. Two close losses and a nail-biting draw is how they finished up. All three Year 5 teams came away with convincing wins, showcasing the great depth of talent we have in this age group. Whilst the Junior Open team were putting their feet up in the Bye round, our other two Year 6 teams were able to put together some impressive performances. Year 6 Blue came away 8-5 winners, whilst Year 6 Red notched up an 11-3 victory.

One of the highlights of the round saw our Year 4 Rugby side come away with a high scoring maiden win, knocking over Springfield College in a tough road trip. A very pleasing result after two impressive performances in Round 1 and Round 2. Year 5 Blue had the Bye, so the Year 5 Red boys were left to fly the flag for this year level. The flag flew high, as this very talented group of young men improved on their ability to play as a team, with many great passages of play leading to some memorable tries. It was a pleasure to watch the Year 6 team play arch-rivals JPC. This is always a highlight of any young Redback’s Rugby season and the boys were pumped to get out there and reverse their Year 4 and Year 5 results to the boys from Daisy Hill. This they did, with a heart-stopping 21-17 win. Todd Saunders came up with a crucial defensive play to win the match. Two Year 5 students, Joshua Burke and Connor Mursalo, from Year 5 Red filled in and played very well. Overall, it was a great team performance and one the boys can be very proud of.





Mr Jay Dowdell
Head of Junior School PE & Sport




In 2015 the Team of the Week concept was created to recognise students who display admirable qualities whilst representing Ormiston College. Each round there will be a Team of the Week named from our Saturday fixtures. Players can be nominated based on five different criteria which align with the ethos of Junior TAS Sport which has a focus on skill development, participation and enjoyment. These criteria include:

Sportsmanship: Shows great sportsmanship towards their opposition, teammates, coaches and referees.
Teamwork: Strives to include every member of the team. This could be through good gameplay, communication or just showing encouragement.
Redback Spirit: Tries their hardest to do their very best right throughout the game. May not score the most points or goals, but is giving their very best for the team.
Outstanding Skill: Shows great skill and ability throughout the game.
Improvement: Always listens to their coach and is therefore showing great improvement week to week.

The coaches from each team will nominate two players to be put forward for Team of the Week. All will be included in either the Rugby Team of the Week or the Netball Team of the Week. Nominations will be added up to go towards the Team of the Term which will named and recognised at the end of Term 2.

Please find the Round 3 Team of the Week below.


Junior TAS Term 2 Draw and Rugby Venues

Junior TAS Sport News (Week 6 Term 2)