House Cross Country and Ball Games

The House Cross Country and Ball Games was contested on a revised date of Wednesday 17 May. The carnival was originally planned for Friday 31 March, however, on that day Cyclone Debbie saw closure of all schools in South-East Queensland. The revised date was well worth the wait with a very enjoyable and competitive carnival.

Heading into the carnival, Norman were in front in the Champion House Cup standings after winning the House Volleyball at the tail end of 2016 and a solid second placing in swimming. Norman were only able to peel off one age group victory (13 girls) and ended up placing fourth overall. Wickham were up and down winning three age groups (14 girls, Open girls, Open boys), however, also finished bottom of the table in three divisions. Chappell were looking very strong winning four age groups (15 girls, 16 girls, 15 boys, 16 boys) and held an 81 point lead over Laver heading into the Open division races. A spectacular collapse from Chappell saw Laver, who won just the one age division (14 boys) showcase how consistency across all age groups can defeat glimpses of excellence with dashes of inconsistency.

Laver has skyrocketed from third overall in the Champion House Cup to first. Norman are sitting in second with Chappell third and Wickham within sight and fourth. Chappell have hoisted the Champion House Cup high above their heads since 2014. Will Laver, Norman or Wickham be able to break Chappell’s winning streak in 2017?

Ball Games and the House Fun Run were the two Trophy of Spirit events contested in conjunction with Cross Country. The Ball Games was an initiative concocted by Mr Askin under necessity due to very wet conditions in 2015. It was so popular that Ball Games is now a fulltime Trophy of Spirit event and Tug-o-War, previously held alongside cross country, is now battled out alongside House Athletics.

Wickham showed outstanding coordination in the ball games events of Overs and Unders, Basketball Ball Relay and Throw/Catch/Sit to take out this event. Laver placed second, Chappell third and Mr Ioannidis has set aside some time to work on coordination and gross motor skills with Norman House to improve on their fourth placing.

The House with the highest number of finishers of the House Fun Run, so long as they complete the course under 15 minutes, claims victory in this event. Laver’s depth of talent also showed numbers in force in taking out the Fun Run. Chappell was second, Wickham third and Norman reeling with a fourth placing by one student.
Chappell were leading the Trophy of Spirit race heading into this event. Chappell has finished the year clutching this auspicious trophy (and bragging rights) since 2014! Will any other House show the spirit required to hold the Trophy of Spirit aloft at year’s end?