Strong round for boys volleyball

Canterbury College has caused some troubles for the Redbacks in recent times. Heading into the round we had previously lost only two games from the previous 34 games played since 2010, however, many games have been 2-1 victories.

The Year 7 TAS Supplementary side played away at CHAC against the CHAC Year 9 TAS Supp side and almost caused an upset. Mitchell Hall was a late call up to cover a player who came down with an illness and was effective at the net. Coach Mr Hoens was very impressed with the team’s attitude and persistence and was proud of the way they played in the 1-2 loss.

The Year 7 team continues on their merry way under the expert guidance of Coach Mr Griggs. The team features a number of tennis players who have transferred their tennis serving technique to handy overhead serves and spiking actions. The 3-0 victory was their seventh of the year and the boys have not lost a set to date. The Year 7 side has already wrapped up the premiership for 2016.

The Year 8 game was of particular interest as they lost 3-0 in 2015 as a Year 7 group. This year they were able to take one set from Canterbury, however, were unable to take a second and lost 1-2.

The Year 9 side won another game 3-0. Led by their skipper, Jaydon Gant-Ellison, this team is one of the tightest groups of young people going around. They are always supporting and encouraging each other. The height of Declan Hedger, Cade Elliott and Andrew Johnston must be imposing for the opposition but it is their craftiness around the net that trumps any physical characteristics they have.

The Year 10 side had a close victory. Playing against a team much lower on the ladder the game was far too close for Coach Mr Henville’s liking. Outstanding in patches and for periods of play the team led by Jacob Soner can be very exciting to watch. The boys should be looking to finish strongly against JPC who only have one win to date.

The Seconds remain undefeated after securing another 3-0 victory. This team has played very consistently this season. Against Canterbury the performance was highlighted by effective setting by Nino Hatzifotis, stoic blocking by Ben Millar and powerful spiking by Luka Matic and Ashan Randula.

Another five-setter was played by the Firsts team. Uncharacteristic misses by the team in the first two sets saw the boys needing to dig deep and claw their way back into the match. The third set saw a significant momentum change and we took the set easily 25-17. The fourth set saw Canterbury making basic positional, passing and shot selection errors. The Redbacks took this set untroubled 25-8. Both teams were fired up for the fifth set and Canterbury took an early lead causing the spectators to worry a bit. Whoever lost this set would be disappointed and a strong Ormiston crowd sensed this encouraging the boys along. Canterbury has some issues with their rotations and lost a couple of points throughout the whole game and at crucial points in the fifth set. This confused and frustrated the crowd who did not understand the rotation policy and rule. Dylan Molloy was able to maintain composure when the score was 12-11 in Ormiston’s favour under hostile conditions to take the boys to 14-11. A final rotation violation by Canterbury saw the Redbacks win, much to the frustration of the Canterbury crowd. Isaiah Balshaw and Braiden Sherrin led from the front sensing the need for some big plays and they delivered regular winners. Kurt Frampton was a menace at the net either tipping over winners and blocking shots. Like Braiden and Izzy, the crowd could see Kurt intent in not letting spikes make their way over the net. While not all his blocks ended up winners he did not allow the Canterbury folk to celebrate a winner from a spike. 

Mr Paul Dhu
TAS Boys Volleyball Coordinator