Good round for Boys Volleyball

Boys Volleyball had a good round against Canterbury this week, with some teams coming up against some tough matches.  We managed to win six out of eight games, with some coming down to the wire.

The Year 7 team had some very close sets with the first two getting to 25-23.  Phoenix had some excellent serving which made a big impact.  The team overall have really started to develop a volleyball mentality, able to make plays and attack the volleyball. In the end the boys were victorious, winning 3-0.

The Year 7 supplementary team started the game positively and serving today was a big highlight throughout the match. Tadgh served well in the first set, continued by Jacob in the second and Colby and Phillip in the third.  Pierce made an admirable re-entry in the second set, after suffering an injury in the first. In the end, the boys were on a high finally nabbing their first win since the first round, winning this week 2-1. 

The Year 8 team had an excellent game in the end playing strongly to overcome their Canterbury opponents. The boys kept up a very vocal performance, playing as a cohesive unit under Mr Griggs’ careful watch.  Passing was working and they were transitioning much better in the attack.  Koby put on a spectacular performance, serving for the first time in a match, as he ordinarily plays libero. The boys all contributed to the great win, the score in the end 3-0.

The Year 8 supplementary team had their best match to date this season. They had to definitely bring their best game facing an undefeated Canterbury side and the boys delivered. They showed massive improvement in many aspects; movement, using three touches and especially talking on the court. Chris was extremely consistent and played a great game. The boys won 2-1.
The Year 9 team had a big game this week with many ups and downs and emotions were running high. They started the match strongly, playing well in the first, however, the team found this difficult to keep up. They lost their way in the second set and even with their passionate coach, could not pick themselves up for the tight third. They boys lost the match 1-2.

The Year 10 boys knew they were up against a tough opponent this week and when concentrating and communicating, the boys played well. Unfortunately, these moments were not consistent enough and the boys shut down.  Some great spikes were hit by Jayden set up by Josh and Oliver and Paul’s passing was accurate.  Lochlan worked well to try to keep the energy up in the team, but the boys could not get a set off of Canterbury, losing 0-3.

The seconds had a good game starting off well, winning the first set 25-20.  When starting the second the boys really lulled in their energy and were down 1-9 very quickly.  The boys had to fight hard, and with a reset of their outlook and serving technique, the boys were able to catch it up and win the second 25-23. Henry had a great under arm ace, the boys continued to keep moral up and the boys fought back in the third to win overall 3-0.

The Firsts did not have such a tough opponent in Canterbury and so the energy was down from last week’s high.  A few mistakes crept into their game with serving, blocking and setting, however, despite this, the boys were not challenged today. With Wes able to adapt his hitting on some short sets, some amazing hits from Izzy, and some well-timed timeouts by the coach, they won convincingly with the score 3-0.

In the end, the boys overall had a successful week and look forward to heading to WestMac in the next round. Keep it up boys, some teams are well on track for Finals success.

TAS Boys Volleyball ladders can be downloaded from here

Miss Stephanie Andronikos
Volleyball Coordinator