Fantastic start for debating season

Round one of the debating season started off fantastically with wins from the majority of OC teams. The Year 8 teams debated that professional sports should have a separate league in which the use of performance-enhancing drugs is permitted. 8.1 debated the affirmative against Rivermount College and won by three points. 8.2 debated the negative against Cannon Hill Anglican College and came away with a close one point win. All debaters had exceptional manner and spoke passionately with good use of gestures.

The Year 9 team debated the negative side of the topic that McDonalds and other fast food chains are in decline and came away with a win of two points against Carmel College. The team worked very hard to prepare a substantial amount of evidence which they presented confidently. The speaker of the night went to Kalem Akhtar.
The Year 10 team debated the topic that all welfare payments should be made in the form of a Basics Card from the negative side and came away with an impressive four point win against Iona College. The team's strength lay in their excellent rebuttal and the speaker of the night went to Zoe Mauerhan.

The Year 11 team debated the topic that countries which are the greatest per capita contributors to global warming should be required to cede territory to Small Island Developing States which go underwater due to temperature rises. Although the topic seemed daunting at first because of its convoluting length, the team managed to analyse and respond in order to take out a three point win against Brisbane Christian College. The 11's faced a new challenge of points of information and tackled it exceptionally. There was no definite speaker of the night and the whole team is to be commended for their efforts.
The year 12 team debated a closely related topic to the Year 8s, that Australia should introduce a guaranteed minimum income. 12.1 came away with a close one point win against Brisbane Girls Grammar and 12.2 unfortunately lost to Kedron State High. 12.1 won the debate with consistent and strongly delivered points of information and both teams are to be commended with their efforts in such a tough round. The speaker of the night for team 12.1 was Portia Sihvola.

All teams debated strong arguments confidently to start the debating season off with six impressive wins and a head start for the rest of the semester of debating.

Portia Sihvola
Debating Captain