Junior TAS Sport (Thursday 24 March)

It has been an extremely busy start to the year in the world of Junior School sport. Cricket and hockey season has flown by, swimming has already started to plan for the 2016/17 season and we have already begun planning and preparation for rugby, netball and cross country. It is a credit to the students involved in all these activities that they show such energy and enthusiasm when they represent Ormiston College.

The final round of Junior TAS Cricket and Hockey was last Saturday and OC finished with a bang. It has been really interesting to watch, from a results perspective, the improvements our teams have made throughout the season. Round 7 had our teams finishing ahead on the scoreboard in seven matches!
It is the other key performance indicators that I have been really impressed with; the number of wides being bowled from week to week, the number of quick singles and two’s that our batsmen have run, the ratio of successful to unsuccessful passes in our hockey matches and the ability of our girls to understand positional play and where to be on the field.

I think it is really important to recognise these factors with our students, because these are things they can have a direct influence over. If we focus on things such as; the final score at the end of the match, how many runs or wickets they got, the decisions the umpire makes in cricket or hockey or the amount of goals they scored throughout the season then we cloud the student’s minds from what they really need to focus on. These are not things they can directly influence or change.

Overall, I would say that our coaches, students and families have done a great job with this and I firmly believe that a focus on these things leads to more wins, more runs, more goals and most importantly, greater enjoyment for the students involved.

A sincere thank-you to everyone involved in Junior TAS Cricket and Hockey. From our coaches to those that helped with umpiring, scoring or setting up hockey goals at Racey Park, it has been a wonderful team effort. Congratulations to all students involved in Term 1 sport. It is one that I will certainly remember.




The Junior Rugby Academy has been a wonderful opportunity for myself and some of our other OC coaches to begin preparations for Term 2 Junior TAS Rugby. There have been some huge learning curves for the boys involved and the core skills they learn during these sessions will set them up for this season and are the building blocks of future success in the years to come.

The final Junior Rugby Academy session is this Thursday. All students that are going to be involved in Junior TAS Rugby in Term 2 are welcome to come along.


Ormiston College have had two students selected in the 12 Years Bayside AFL team. Ryley Egan (Year 5) came to OC last year and is a very talented young sportsman. His main passion is Aussie Rules and it’s fantastic to see him awarded with this selection. Riley Bergin (Year 5) is new to Ormiston in 2016 and it already seems he has been a wonderful acquisition to our sporting stocks. Well done to both boys on their selection!


Molly De Graaf (Year 5) has won gold in at the Little Athletics State Championships! In her favourite event, the 60m Hurdles, she set a goal of winning a silver medal. She went one better and has very deservedly won a state level gold medal. Well done Molly!



The overall winner of the Cross Country & Triathlon will be announced at the first assembly of Term 2.



Mr Jay Dowdell
Head of Junior School PE & Sport



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