Trimester 1 Summary

The Trimester 1 season kicked off with Ormiston College hosting Redeemer Lutheran College and it was a great start to the season with 19 wins, one draw and only four losses. We then travelled to West Moreton Anglican College and, as predicted, WestMAC put up a good fight against the Redbacks. The second round of tennis games were unfortunately washed out and the Year 10, Seconds and Firsts were thoroughly disappointed as they were hoping for good results. We did not play WestMAC in 2015 because of an Eastcoast low that dropped lots of rain.

In Rounds 3, 4, 5 and the Make-up Round against St Columban’s, St John’s, Cannon Hill Anglican College and St Paul’s the Redbacks won 15 games in each contest. The best round was against St Paul’s College who had the better of the Redbacks in Round 1 in 2015 when we only registered 11 wins. These successful rounds led to our best round since 2012 against Canterbury College where we won 17 games.

All term the message sent out to the students in Redback articles, training sessions and various assemblies was to focus on simply aiming to do one’s best effort. The process allows for the product to be achieved. Even if the product is not possible the team can rest assured they did the best they could possible do. Against John Paul College in Round 8 we tried our best but the eventual Trimester 1 Champions were simply too good for us as we managed to win seven games but lost 17. Despite the trailing score line all staff, coaches and supporters were very proud of the way the Redbacks carried themselves. We are very proud of all students.

The final ladders can be downloaded for those interested in statistics. However, some results are listed below accompanied by some tables showing 2016 results and some historical information:

Mr Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities