Girls Volleyball

The history between Ormiston and WestMAC Volleyball has often fallen in OC’s favour. Traditionally, Ormiston has enjoyed wins more often than not; however, this week WestMAC has proven to be yet another school on the rise in volleyball, and the moment our girls relaxed, WestMAC capitalised.

The Year 7 team showed how much they really have improved across the term this week, rarely allowing the ball to fall to the ground. Their talk on the court was impressive, showing that their confidence was high. All round, their skills have improved immensely, not giving up any points easily and displaying their fight for every point. Olivia and Mackayla ensured that their team dominated, communicating well. Overall, our girls proved too good and they comfortably won their match 3-0.

The Year 8 team also came into their match with spirits high, and despite communicating well, they went down in the first set. They fought back hard in the second, and in a thrilling finish managed to level the sets up to 1 all. Unfortunately, starting off the third set decider, OC lost a run of points early which allowed WestMAC to run away with set. Overall, they narrowly went down 1-2.

The Year 8/9 Supplementary team played Canterbury at Canterbury. This was a tough match as unfortunately, the hosting school had a referee who didn’t initially show up and when they did, made some interesting calls. Despite all of this, the ladies showed that over the term they have really gelled as a team, and this week they were in great spirits; cheering each other on. The girls really tried hard to implement the skills taught to them by Coach Lauren, and despite going down 0-3, the girls had a lot of fun.

The Year 9 team, had a great start to the first set; calling for ball well, passes were looking good and the support for each other was there. Ella was also finally able to celebrate an elusive ace with her team on the court, and they won the first set. Unfortunately, this high did not come into the second set; the girls seemed to stop talking on the court and not watching the ball. They had relaxed too much and the set got away from them. Into the third, it seemed the girls had lost all confidence, allowing too many balls to hit the court and waiting for someone else to try to get it up. The girls ended up losing 0-3.

The Year 10 team was behind early in the first set, and despite catching up, the girls still went down. The second set started close, but fortunately OC found their rhythm and ended up with a 10-point lead to win the set. For the third set, the girls’ serving had improved and their confidence was high and they managed to win the set and game 2-1.

The Seconds team had a very comfortable game, and probably one of their best for the season. They showed much improvement, being consistent across the board. The first and second sets were won easily and in the third, despite starting the set close, some solid serving from Brittany gave OC the lead. The girls won the match overall, giving them the chance to play for the premiership next week. Well done girls!

The Firsts struggled a little this week to bounce back from last week’s 2.5 hour match where they lost in 5. They did win the first two sets comfortably, but started to lull in the third. It wasn’t necessarily the best match they had played, but it was enough to beat the opposition this week with a 3-0 win.

Next week is the final week of sport for the term. I wish all teams the very best for the finals. I particularly wish the Seconds well for their premiership match. Good luck and have a great last week of training; it is expected that all girls will be in attendance. A reminder that we have a breakfast break up on September 13, 7am in the Hall of Fame. Please let me know if you cannot make it, or have any dietary requirements.

Miss Stephanie Andronikos
TAS Girls Volleyball Coordinator